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December 2015

iPhone sales by year: 2015 could be the peak-iPhone year (Business Insider)

Apple’s iPhone sales by year, charted.

Source: iPhone sales by year

Facebook Instant Articles: Are They Working for Brands? (Simply Measured)

In May, Facebook launched Instant Articles; stories from different publishers hosted directly on Facebook. These articles do not require readers to click to an external site, instead encouraging interactivity within Facebook’s own ecosystem. But are they working? We checked in with one user,, to hear about their early results. Facebook reports that Instant Articles load as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web, and publishing giants like The New York Times, National Geographic, and BuzzFeed have all signed on. Facebook recently even rolled out Instant Articles in its huge Asia-Pacific market, signaling the success that this feature has seen. Over the last few months, Facebook has also heard concerns from publishers about the limits on the number of ads they can show per article and the types of ads they can show. This kind of control has generated grumbles from some publishers, but there are two sides to the coin: because only one ad unit is allowed per

Source: Facebook Instant Articles: Are They Working for Brands? | Simply Measured

Chart: Smartphone OS Market Share 2016 Forecast  vs. 2015 (IDC / Business Insider)

IDC once thought Windows Phone would have 21% market share by 2019. How times change.

Source: IDC: smartphone OS market share

Tech Valuation Chart: Uber valuation vs market cap of publicly traded auto stocks – (Business Insider)

Source: Uber valuation vs market cap of publicly traded stocks – Business Insider Deutschland

On the Future of the Automotive Industry: tough Times ahead for the Incumbent Automakers (André Cramer)

Looking at the wave of disruption that is already happening right now or coming to industries that have not natively been part of the digital business, the automotive industry is surely one of the most interesting. Their products are what moves the world and what captures many people’s passion and materialistic desires. Even with the core use case being a physical one, transportation of people and/or goods, this industry will be disrupted, just like any other industry and way of doing business has been or will be disrupted by exponentially advancing digital technology (e.g. traditional retail, the media/newspaper industry, the music industry, books publishers and stores, travel agents, even the telco/communications players, etc.).

We are now in an era in which technologies such as computing, networks, sensors, artificial intelligence and robotics, to name a few, are advancing exponentially. Continue reading “On the Future of the Automotive Industry: tough Times ahead for the Incumbent Automakers (André Cramer)”

Nokia Is Betting On Virtual Reality Making It In Hollywood (TechCrunch)

Former mobile phone maker Nokia has professional filmmakers in its sights with a new piece of camera hardware it’s been cooking up since early 2013. After teasing its plans this summer, the…

Source: Nokia Is Betting On VR Making It In Hollywood | TechCrunch

Nokia’s ‘first product since the phone days’ is a $60,000 virtual reality camera (Business Insider)

Nokia, the company which used to make phones, now makes a $60,000 camera that can film for virtual reality headsets. It launches in 2016.

Source: Nokia’s new Ozo virtual reality camera – Business Insider Deutschland

Chart: Black Friday smartphone usage – a whopping jump!

More than half of Black Friday visits to e-commerce sites came from phones, up from 5% in 2010.

Source: Black Friday smartphone usage

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