In the eight months since I wrote Cars and the Future, there has been an explosion in news about the future of transportation, much of it in the last few weeks:

  • Ford announced plans for its own car-sharing service built around self-driving Fords
  • Elon Musk penned a second master plan envisioning a future car-sharing service built around self-driving Teslas
  • Nutonomy launched a trial in Singapore of its own ride-sharing service built around Renault and Mitsubishi vehicles modified to be self-driving
  • Uber announced its own self-driving trial in Pittsburgh in partnership with Volvo. Uber alsoacquired self-driving startup Otto, founded by former members of Google’s self-driving team
  • And, speaking of Google, Alphabet executive David Drummond stepped down from Uber’s board a day before the company announced an expansion of its Waze-based ride-sharing service from Israel to Uber’s home city of San Francisco

Source: Google, Uber, and the Evolution of Transportation-as-a-Service – Stratechery by Ben Thompson