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October 2016

Why voice is the catalyst for compatibility (Linden Tibbets)

“Do you think Mom & Dad would like an Amazon Alexa, or maybe a new Google Home?” This is a question a lot of people will ask this holiday season. Whether your folks have the patience of an early adopter or the low tolerance of the late majority, it doesn’t matter. If they don’t have one now, they will soon.

The early promise that Alexa delivers on (and the massive investments that Amazon, Google, Apple, and every other big consumer tech company is making in voice) guarantees that conversational interfaces will become an important and valuable part of how we all control our world…

Source: Why voice is the catalyst for compatibility – Startup Grind – Medium

Another great piece on the outlook for Virtual Reality: What the next few years look like for VR (Kyle Russel)

“When is virtual reality going to take off — or fail?” Whether I’m talking to founders or other investors, most conversations I have regarding virtual or augmented reality eventually turn to this line of questioning.Rather than making something up about where VR is on the hype cycle — which is descriptive, not prescriptive, so don’t assume you can use it as a guide for timing the market — I think it’s helpful to look at the specific hardware products that have been publicly announced and how well they might do — and where their relative successes will push the ecosystem…

Source: What the next few years look like for VR – Medium

Good piece on the State of VR: Virtual Reality looks to its adolescence (Lucas Madney)

After more than two years of heavy public hyping since Facebook’s 2014 acquisition of Oculus for $2 billion, virtual reality is reaching an important turning point. VR has been promoted up and down the street and consumers seem to have grown oversaturated with all the media coverage of expensive tech that’s inaccessible to them, but the platform is preparing for a mini-renaissance.The next couple weeks will be the biggest moments for VR in its consumer history. A lot of crazy hardware will be coming out, new platforms will be further defined and everyone will hopefully get a better picture of where this runaway futurism train is heading…

Source: Virtual reality looks to its adolescence | TechCrunch

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