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February 2017

Good collection of Foresight Fails: The absolute worst Technology Predictions of the past 150 years (lya Pestov)

There’s a long-standing tradition among scientists, engineers, and industrialists. Every new year, they make predictions about a future.

Is blockchain a major technology, or it’s just a buzzword? Bots vs Apps: who will win in 2017? Will this finally be the year that virtual reality stops giving people motion sickness?

Well, technology has proven to be extraordinarily slippery over the past century. Despite the vast information that industry insiders have had at they’re fingertips, they’ve made some pretty terrible forecasts over the years…

Source: The absolute worst technology predictions of the past 150 years

We’re probably underestimating how quickly electric vehicles will disrupt the oil market (David Roberts)

Just about every analyst agrees that the electric vehicle market is poised for rapid growth. But how rapid?

It’s not an idle question. The rate of EV growth will have huge implications for oil markets, auto markets, and electric utilities. Yet it is maddeningly difficult to predict the future; forecasts for the EV market are all over the place…

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