Over the last months and especially culminating in the last days, it was hard to avoid the bitcoin topic. Climbing to insane heights, bitcoin has passed even the keenest expectations regarding “value” that many of us had. The price has crossed the $15k mark for the first time this week.

Although I do see a bright future for cryptocurrencies, for me the key value lies in the potential it has in enabling us to create a fundamentally new financial system. From a speculators point of view I do believe that what we currently see is mostly based on the greater fool theory (“I will buy Bitcoin because others will hype it even more”).

What struck me even more than the crazy price surge is another topic however. Those of us who know how bitcoin is technically working, how bitcoin mining is actually working, will quickly draw some attention to the energy consumption related this this.

I found some stunning facts that we all should be aware of. It’s insane to be honest. And I am really keen to see how the whole bitcoin ecosystem will react once it hits the wall of energy demand and supply that it is inevitably racing towards.

Here’s some facts:


What does this mean for our retirement plans for fossil fuel based power plants?

What does this mean for our clean energy future?

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