Here’s my FAV4, the last one for this year. This time it’s the year-end edition, with my 4 big themes in tech & innovation in 2018. And trying out my new 2019 layout 🙂

  1. 2018 showed that tech innovation is accelerating at an ever increasing pace. We’re clearly seeing the challenge that private space driven innovation is outpacing the public space, both in terms of actual innovation & pushing findings as well as legislation lagging behind in both broad debate/consideration and adapting laws and legal frameworks.
  2. Artificial intelligence, most of all fueled by innovation in and utilization of machine learning is the powerhouse and driver of tech innovation. Proper ethical foundation and careful consideration of human requirements and benefits are desperately needed. But the theme of the year is more about nasty human bias and resentment making its way into AI algorithms and systems.
  3. The big tech corporations, with Facebook as the grubby urchin, have maneuvered themselves and tech perception for many people into a crisis of trust. And so far have not managed to convince the public that they truly understand their responsibility and that they are working full steam on human-centered benefits solutions to the obvious challenges.
  4. He Jiankui’s secretive human genome CRISPR / CAS9 engineering on embryos has shown that bio technology poses just as big, perhaps bigger ethical debate requirements on us NOW (vs. sometime in the future). The technology is there and things like the scandal in China can and will happen again. Humanity needs to get prepared for a future of tinkering with human DNA, with all the opportunity but also dark downsides of it.

Have a great 2019, Happy New Year!