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Great Update of an already awesome Slidedeck on the Mobile Ecosystem: Mobile is eating the world (Benedict Evans)

As we pass 2.5bn smartphones on earth and head towards 5bn, and mobile moves from creation to deployment, the questions change. What’s the state of the smartphone, machine learning and ‘GAFA’, and what can we build as we stand on the shoulders of giants?

Source: Mobile is eating the world — Benedict Evans

Chart of Most Popular Apps with Millennials (Business Insider)

More than three-quarters of Snapchat’s users in the United States are between the ages of 18 and 34.

Source: Apps that are most typically millennial – Business Insider

Great infographic: Insight of Mobile App Development Process (The Nine Hertz)

This infographic shows some real time & actionable statistics that will help you to know the entire mobile app development process.

Source: Insight of Mobile App Development Process [Infographic]

Here we go… mobile web losing further vs. App Usage (Business Insider)

Americans spend only 10% of the time on their smartphones in their web browser, down from 20% just two years ago. It’s all apps.

Source: Time spent: mobile browsing vs apps – Business Insider

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