I really loved this article which takes a deep-dive into the topic of brain-machine-interfaces and use-cases that could revolve around accessing the human brain from a machine/technology perspective in the future. What are the challenges, what needs to be considered? Do we believe this will be at all possible? Find some mind-bending ideas and considerations from Sam Brinson here.

“We’re still in the early days of brain science. The most complex thing in the universe still constantly surprises and confuses us. But, that won’t stop us from connecting them. I know that because we already have.

While the signals being sent back and forth are rudimentary words such as “hola,” we all know how quickly technology can change. Soon, perhaps, full blown telepathy will be here.

Exciting times these are. But let’s go further. What else might a network of brains be able to share? When the brain — the thing responsible for our memories, consciousness, and perception of the world — is open to interpretation…”

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