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Impressive Chart: The ever-accelerating rate of Technology Adoption (Pew Research Center)

The World Wide Web as we know it was first sketched out a quarter-century ago this week by Tim Berners-Lee, a contractor at the European physics lab CERN. Berners-Lee didn’t actually build out the Web until late 1990, and not until August 1991 did it become publicly available outside CERN.

Since then, of course, the Web has rapidly become so ubiquitous that it’s hard for many to remember how they bought things, did research, watched video or kept up with friends and family before it…

Source: Chart of the Week: The ever-accelerating rate of technology adoption | Pew Research Center

Great Chart on the Sales History of Recorded Music by format (Business Insider)

As the recording industry goes, so will follow every other industry in the transition from physical to digital.

Source: Recorded music sales by format

Great Insights into why users are unhappy with the Apple Watch (Bernard Desarnauts)

First insights into unsatisfied Apple Watch owners

Source: Dissatisfaction Learnings — Wristly Thoughts — Medium

iPhone sales by year: 2015 could be the peak-iPhone year (Business Insider)

Apple’s iPhone sales by year, charted.

Source: iPhone sales by year

Chart: Smartphone OS Market Share 2016 Forecast  vs. 2015 (IDC / Business Insider)

IDC once thought Windows Phone would have 21% market share by 2019. How times change.

Source: IDC: smartphone OS market share

Tech Valuation Chart: Uber valuation vs market cap of publicly traded auto stocks – (Business Insider)

Source: Uber valuation vs market cap of publicly traded stocks – Business Insider Deutschland

Chart: Black Friday smartphone usage – a whopping jump!

More than half of Black Friday visits to e-commerce sites came from phones, up from 5% in 2010.

Source: Black Friday smartphone usage

Value of Tech IPOs since 2010: A comparison of money raised (Business Insider)

Square raised $243 million in its IPO today. That’s a drop in the bucket compared with other recent tech IPOs.

Source: Tech IPOs: A comparison of money raised – Business Insider Deutschland

Facebook DAUs by quarter: more than 1bn people visit Facebook every day (Business Insider)

Facebook’s daily average user growth has been astounding.

Source: Facebook DAUs by quarter – Business Insider Deutschland

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