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Must-Read Presentation: Mobile Is Eating the World (Benedict Evans)

In this update of his past presentations on Mobile Eating the World — delivered most recently at The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit — a16z’s Benedict Evans takes us through how technology is universal through mobile. How mobile is not a subset of the internet anymore. And how mobile (and accompanying trends of cloud and AI) is also driving new productivity tools.

In fact, mobile — which encompasses everything from drones to cars — is everything…

Instagram Continues Double-Digit Growth: outpacing any other Social Network Growth Rate until 2020 (eMarketer)

Instagram continues to prove its mastery of the mobile domain, according to eMarketer’s latest internet usage forecast. This year, 89.4 million Americans will log on to Instagram at least once a month, representing 34.1% of mobile phone users. And by 2017, 51.8% of social network users will use Instagram—surpassing the 50% mark for the first time.

Instagram’s user base is growing far faster than social network usage in general…

Source: Instagram Continues Double-Digit Growth – eMarketer

Helpful Data Science Tools: 7 Data Visualization Types You Should be Using More… and How to Start (Medium)

Unique data visualizations are more memorable, and add variety for the audience — even the most clear and straightforward visualization types lose their appeal when repeated over and over again. As visual literacy increases in the general population, data visualization designers will need to continually extend their knowledge of and proficiency across a widening range of visualization approaches to grow their skills alongside audience familiarity and expectations. Even more importantly, broad visualization know-how is essential for matching the data visualization type to the data available, the story to be told, and the question being answered…

Source: 7 Data Visualization Types You Should be Using More (and How to Start) — Medium

How Much Airbnb Hosts Earn After Rent In San Francisco (The Ferenstein Wire)

Regular Airbnb hosts are able to make enough profit to afford San Francisco’s skyrocketing cost of living, according to a new report from…

Source: How Much Airbnb Hosts Earn After Rent In San Francisco (In 1 Map) — The Ferenstein Wire — Medium

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