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The Future of Driving Is Now a Gold Rush (Mark Harris)

Blink and you might miss the moment automated vehicles go mainstream. At some point in 2017, a fully autonomous Tesla will blast across the country en route from Los Angeles to New York. The person sitting in the front left seat — let’s no longer call her the driver — will be free to watch a movie, drink a latte, or wave to locals as she zips past. If Elon Musk has his way, the tech will then roll out to drivers in 2018…

Source: The Future of Driving Is Now a Gold Rush

Electric vehicles – It’s not just about the Car (Michael Liebreich, Angus McCrone)

One of the key characteristics of complex systems, such as the world’s energy and transport sectors, is that when they change it tends not to be a linear process. They flip from one state to another in a way strongly analogous to a phase change in material science. We have written about this before, for instance here and here.A second important characteristic of this type of economic phase change is that when one major sector flips, the results rip through the whole economy and can have impacts on the societal scale…

Source: Liebreich and McCrone: Electric vehicles – It’s not just about the car – Bloomberg New Energy Finance

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