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Great Sum-Up of the current Tech Startup Funding Situation: After The Gold Rush (Jon Evans)

The startup gold rush of the last ten years is over. Sorry. Those hordes of ambitious entrepreneurs still stampeding to the Bay Area in the hopes of building their Minimum Viable Product, getting into Y Combinator, and growing their app into the Next Big Thing–they’re already too late. That era is behind us. It was a good run, even a legendary one, but it is over. Time for the new new thing.

Does that sound premature and apocalyptic? Maybe not. Over the last few months a slew of smart people have been sounding warning signals, identifying the half-dozen consonant factors bringing this epoch to an end…

Source: After The Gold Rush | TechCrunch

Great Assessment of the FinTech Funding Situation: Is VC The Right Money For Fintech? (TechCrunch)

Financial technology has never been a more exciting or innovative category — especially in New York City. Oddly, tech is not the driving force in many of these ventures. The Blockchain and…

Source: Is VC The Right Money For Fintech? | TechCrunch

Helpful background reading: get your head around everything related to get series A funding right and smooth – Series A 101 (TechCrunch)

In my prior life as a seed investor, I helped many companies raise Series A, some raise B and a few raise C.  First time founders often ask about the process, once it’s clear there’s…

Source: Series A 101 | TechCrunch

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