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Great Google Cardboard Stats: (Un)folding a virtual journey with Google Cardboard – 5 Millon Units shipped

A year and a half ago we introduced Google Cardboard, a simple cardboard viewer that anyone can use to experience mobile virtual reality (VR). With just Cardboard and the smartphone in your pocket, you can travel to faraway places and visit imagined worlds. Since then everyone from droid lovers and Sunday edition subscribers, to big kids and grandmas have been able to enjoy VR—often for the very first time. Here’s a look at where we are, 19 months in:

1. 5 million Cardboard fans have joined the fold.

Source: Official Google Blog: (Un)folding a virtual journey with Google Cardboard

This is a Must-Watch: Scott Galloway from NYU Stern School in a crazy high-speed DLD2016 Presentation on the Gang of Four: Apple / Amazon / Facebook / Google

Scott Galloway, who is a professor of Marketing and Brand Strategy at the NYU Stern School of Business, will discuss “The Gang of Four” (Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon), their victims, and the strategies that led them onto a path to a trillion dollar market cap…


Apple vs. Google and Facebook Messaging (Business Insider)

Google, Facebook, and a host of other chat-app makers are working to erode Apple’s app dominance.

Source: Apple vs. Google and Facebook messaging

Background read: Google app streaming – a fresh and very promising approach for app content consumption

Google will now let users “stream” the content from some apps without having to download them. Here’s why that’s so important.

Source: Google app streaming

TensorFlow, Google’s latest machine learning system, open sourced for everyone (Google Research Blog)

Deep Learning has had a huge impact on computer science, making it possible to explore new frontiers of research and to develop amazingly useful products that millions of people use every day…

Source: Research Blog

2014 vs. 2015 Profits of The Internet Giants Infographic: So profitabel sind die Tech-Riesen (Statista)

Die Grafik bildet den Gewinn von ausgewählten Tech-Unternehmen ab.

Source: • Infografik: So profitabel sind die Tech-Riesen | Statista

Google’s Ads getting cheaper and cheaper over time – CPC Development Chart (Business Insider)

Google’s “cost per click,” or CPCs, which measures the average amount advertisers pay when a user clicks on an ad, have been dropping for years now.

Source: Google CPC change over time

Android 6.0 “Marshmallow” – this one is crucial for Google! How Now on Tap helps manifest Android’s Dominance (André Cramer)

(Image source: Droid Life)

Android 6.0 Marshmallow has just started shipping, albeit only on Nexus devices. All other Android smartphones have got to wait some more. As always, OEMs have to run thru their usual and lengthy processes of adapting and testing their flavors of it. Expect this to take another couple of weeks/months before it broadly ships on non-Nexus devices.

New Features of Marshmallow

Android 5.0 was centered around – among other things – implementing the Material Design framework throughout the UI and Google’s native apps. Lots of UI polishing. Marshmallow in contrast brings some more “under the hood” improvements, alongside further UI tweaks. Here’ a couple of the key new features and updates:

Continue reading “Android 6.0 “Marshmallow” – this one is crucial for Google! How Now on Tap helps manifest Android’s Dominance (André Cramer)”

On what is driving Google to acquire Jibe Mobile and make a strong commitment towards RCS (André Cramer)

(Image source: Jibe Mobile)

Google has recently announced they are acquiring Jibe Mobile, a leading provider of RCS (Rich Communications Service) that is particularly specialising on running RCS infrastructure in the cloud, allowing carriers easy hosted implementations and/or also bridging the disparate carrier instances of their own operated RCS services for interconnection. Established in 2006, well before the launch and rise of iOS and Android, their mission statement was to bridge the “newer world of Silicon Valley with the older world of telecommunications”. Among the 26 carriers working with Jibe Mobile are Deutsche Telekom, Orange, Sprint, to name a few. Continue reading “On what is driving Google to acquire Jibe Mobile and make a strong commitment towards RCS (André Cramer)”

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