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Great AI & Biotech Infographic: IBM Watson and clinical cancer trial recruitment (Business Insider)

Nearly 14 million Americans are fighting cancer, but huge obstacles stand in the way of finding a cure: It takes too much time and money to fill clinical trials, which are needed to explore whether a treatment is safe and effective. See how IBM Watson Health uses cognitive computing to connect patients with researchers — which speeds up the development of cancer therapies — in the infographic…

Source: IBM Watson and clinical trial recruitment

2014 vs. 2015 Profits of The Internet Giants Infographic: So profitabel sind die Tech-Riesen (Statista)

Die Grafik bildet den Gewinn von ausgewählten Tech-Unternehmen ab.

Source: • Infografik: So profitabel sind die Tech-Riesen | Statista

Great infographic: Insight of Mobile App Development Process (The Nine Hertz)

This infographic shows some real time & actionable statistics that will help you to know the entire mobile app development process.

Source: Insight of Mobile App Development Process [Infographic]

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