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Facebook’s Messenger Bot Store could be the most important launch since the App Store (TechCrunch)

If Facebook announces the “Messenger Bot Store” at F8, as many predict, it would be arguably the most consequential event for the tech industry since Apple announced the App Store and iPhone SDK in March 2008.

Even Steve Jobs could not have foreseen the impact of what he described as “a new application that lets users browse, search, purchase and download third party applications directly onto their iPhone”…

Source: Facebook’s Messenger Bot Store could be the most important launch since the App Store | TechCrunch

Facebook Messenger Monetization becoming clearer: Report on Ads coming to Messenger in Q2 (Business Insider)

Facebook plans to start rolling out ads in its chat product, Messenger, in Q2

Source: Report: Facebook Messenger ads coming in Q2 – Business Insider

Great Read on the new Messaging Ecosystem Giant: Facebook Messenger Hits 800M Users. Here’s its 2016 Strategy & Predictions (TechCrunch)

Kill SMS, spawn a chat bot platform, bring friends together offline, improve artificial intelligence, and delight people. That’s Facebook Messenger’s roadmap for 2016 now that it has 800…

Source: Facebook Messenger Hits 800M Users: 2016 Strategy And Predictions | TechCrunch

Update on Messaging Monetization – FB stressing they don’t hamper growth, Monetization will come later (Business Insider)

Facebook just shut down the idea that because WhatsApp is nearing 1 billion users, the money-jets will soon start flowing.

Source: Facebook not focusing on Messenger and WhatsApp monetization – Business Insider

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