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The Fav 4 – Tech & Innovation News Bites Edition 3 (toys’r’us tanking, MIT neural network chip, Microsoft AI chinese translation, CRISPR killing malaria)

Here’s last week’s new edition of my “Fav 4”, edition 3. My favorite and most noteworthy tech & innovation news bites of the week. 4 updates in an easy to consume video format. Enjoy!



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Great Comparison of Amazon’s Alexa approach vs. Microsoft, Google, Facebook: Amazon’s Operating System (Ben Thompson)

It was apparent on day one that the Echo was a much more compelling product than the Fire Phone:

  • The physical device (the Echo) was simply a conduit for Alexa, Amazon’s new personal assistant. And critically, Alexa was a cloud service, the development of which Amazon is uniquely suited to in terms of culture, organizational structure, and experience.
  • The Echo created its own market: a voice-based personal assistant in the home. Crucially, the home was the one place in the entire world where smartphones were not necessarily the most convenient device, or touch the easiest input method: more often than not your smartphone is charging, and talking to a device doesn’t carry the social baggage it might elsewhere…

Source: Alexa: Amazon’s Operating System – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

New Kind of Processor: Microsoft Bets Its Future on a Reprogrammable Computer Chip (Cade Metz)

It was December of 2012 and Doug Burger was standing in front of Steve Ballmer, trying to predict the future.Ballmer, the big, bald, boisterous CEO of Microsoft, sat in the lecture room on the ground floor of Building 99, home base for the company’s blue-sky R&D lab just outside Seattle. The tables curved around the outside of the room in a U-shape, and Ballmer was surrounded by his top lieutenants, his laptop open. Burger, a computer chip researcher who had joined the company four years earlier, was pitching a new idea to the execs. He called it Project Catapult.

The tech world, Burger explained, was moving into a new orbit. In the future…

Source: Microsoft’s Internet Business Gets a New Kind of Processor | WIRED

This is one awesome Vision how Augmented Reality will redefine Entertainment: Microsoft Imagining the Future for NFL fans with HoloLens (Microsoft/YouTube)

Watching sports could soon be a very different experience — at least if it’s up to Microsoft and the NFL. Before you know it, a holographic player could be charging through your walls and replays could play in 3D on your coffee table.

Microsoft today released a new concept for its HoloLens augmented reality goggles that shows off its vision for what the combination of sports and HoloLens could soon look like. It’s worth watching, even if you don’t like football.

From TechCrunch

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