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Great Update of an already awesome Slidedeck on the Mobile Ecosystem: Mobile is eating the world (Benedict Evans)

As we pass 2.5bn smartphones on earth and head towards 5bn, and mobile moves from creation to deployment, the questions change. What’s the state of the smartphone, machine learning and ‘GAFA’, and what can we build as we stand on the shoulders of giants?

Source: Mobile is eating the world — Benedict Evans

6 Future Mobile Technologies That Could Arrive in 2017 (Ann Neal)

Technology makes us curious, and the smartphone revolution has taken technological innovation to dizzying heights. Things like gesture interface, which we had all glimpsed in the Tom Cruise film Minority Report seemed far-fetched and fictional at that time (2002). It is a reality in mobile technology today, and by 2019, will be available to the masses. Mobile technology is not just changing the way we live and experience, but also defining it. Let us look at six mobile technologies that will become widely present and used in 2017…

Source: 6 Future Mobile Technologies That Could Arrive in 2017 | Guest Commentary content from Machine Design

Must-Read Presentation: Mobile Is Eating the World (Benedict Evans)

In this update of his past presentations on Mobile Eating the World — delivered most recently at The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit — a16z’s Benedict Evans takes us through how technology is universal through mobile. How mobile is not a subset of the internet anymore. And how mobile (and accompanying trends of cloud and AI) is also driving new productivity tools.

In fact, mobile — which encompasses everything from drones to cars — is everything…

Mobile World Congress 2016: Where are we heading with Smartphones – or where do we need to head? (André Cramer)

It’s Mobile World Congress time again. Not only the world of telcos and phone-related manufacturers meet there, but meanwhile it has become a colorful mix of everything technology related it seems. Still, the smartphones or mobile computing devices are in the center of attention.

The decade of the Smartphone as we know it is ending

Almost 10 years ago the iPhone has entered center stage and in fact did change everything in this industry. The revolutionary first iPhone was of course not the first smartphone in the market; in fact it came years after the term ‘smartphone’ had been coined for the first time. What is remarkable about it was therefore not the invention of a new category of device, but the combination of the right mix of technologies Continue reading “Mobile World Congress 2016: Where are we heading with Smartphones – or where do we need to head? (André Cramer)”

On Mobile, Smartphones and the Hindsight that can be used to better understand the upcoming Augmented/Virtual Reality World (Benedict Evans)

What does the history of mobile tell us abut the future of cars and VR?

Benedict Evans with another great and razor sharp assessment of how things really got together to form today’s Mobile Internet and Smartphone ecosystem.

I guess this excerpt puts it quite right:

“It’s always fun to laugh at the people who said the future would never happen. But it’s more useful to look at the people who got it almost right, but not quite enough. That’s what happened in mobile. As we look now at new emerging industries, such as VR and AR or autonomous cars, we can see many of the same issues. The big picture 20 years out is actually the easy part, but the details are the difference between Nokia and DoCoMo ruling the world and the world as it actually happened. There’s going to be a bunch of stuff that’ll happen by 2025 that we’d find just as weird.”


Source: Mobile, smartphones and hindsight — Benedict Evans

How mobile is reshaping the entire shopping experience (Jeff Huckaby)

The mobile mega-trend is impacting both consumers and retailers in a big way, and it’s happening both in stores and out of them — especially when mobility and analytics collide.

Source: How mobile is reshaping the entire shopping experience | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Jeff Huckaby, Tableau

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