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Must-Read Presentation: Mobile Is Eating the World (Benedict Evans)

In this update of his past presentations on Mobile Eating the World — delivered most recently at The Guardian’s Changing Media Summit — a16z’s Benedict Evans takes us through how technology is universal through mobile. How mobile is not a subset of the internet anymore. And how mobile (and accompanying trends of cloud and AI) is also driving new productivity tools.

In fact, mobile — which encompasses everything from drones to cars — is everything…

How mobile is reshaping the entire shopping experience (Jeff Huckaby)

The mobile mega-trend is impacting both consumers and retailers in a big way, and it’s happening both in stores and out of them — especially when mobility and analytics collide.

Source: How mobile is reshaping the entire shopping experience | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Jeff Huckaby, Tableau

Forget about the mobile internet (Benedict Evans)

For as long as the idea of the ‘mobile internet’ has been around, we’ve thought of it as a cut-down subset of the ‘real’ Internet. It’s time to invert that – to think about mobile as the real internet and the desktop as the limited, cut-down version…

Source: Forget about the mobile internet — Benedict Evans

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