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Facebook Messenger Monetization becoming clearer: Report on Ads coming to Messenger in Q2 (Business Insider)

Facebook plans to start rolling out ads in its chat product, Messenger, in Q2

Source: Report: Facebook Messenger ads coming in Q2 – Business Insider

Update on Messaging Monetization – FB stressing they don’t hamper growth, Monetization will come later (Business Insider)

Facebook just shut down the idea that because WhatsApp is nearing 1 billion users, the money-jets will soon start flowing.

Source: Facebook not focusing on Messenger and WhatsApp monetization – Business Insider

A look at Pinterest’s Massive Monetization Ambitions based on their leaked Funding Round Documents (André Cramer)

(image source: Pinterest)

Last week TechCrunch has given insights into some juicy figures and financials leaked from Pinterest (Leaked Pinterest Documents Show Revenue, Growth Forecasts / TechCrunch). Andreessen Horowitz used this information to solicit limited partners to invest in its special investment fund for Pinterest earlier this year, valuing the social media company at $11 billion.

Here’s a little summary of what we know now. The key essence for me is the whopping jump projected in revenues until 2018. Compare this to the user / MAU projections for the same timeframe and it is clear what’s ahead: very decisive monetization activity in the area of advertising. Here’s the key figures TechCrunch has shared:

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About Facebook’s Strategy for Messaging Monetization (André Cramer)

(Image source: Facebook)

With two – Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp – of the top notch messaging platforms everyone is keen to see how Facebook will eventually launch the monetization engine on them. FB Messenger’s 700m MAU and WhatsApp’s 800m MAU are goldmine assets with huge potential. Compare what Asian messengers WeChat/Weixin, Kakao and the likes are demonstrating.

But, and that is a key learning from previous experiences on the introduction of monetization features in the core service, they don’t rush things. Continue reading “About Facebook’s Strategy for Messaging Monetization (André Cramer)”

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