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Another great piece on the outlook for Virtual Reality: What the next few years look like for VR (Kyle Russel)

“When is virtual reality going to take off — or fail?” Whether I’m talking to founders or other investors, most conversations I have regarding virtual or augmented reality eventually turn to this line of questioning.Rather than making something up about where VR is on the hype cycle — which is descriptive, not prescriptive, so don’t assume you can use it as a guide for timing the market — I think it’s helpful to look at the specific hardware products that have been publicly announced and how well they might do — and where their relative successes will push the ecosystem…

Source: What the next few years look like for VR – Medium

These will be 2016’s biggest Stories, according to WIRED

Wander around WIRED’s San Francisco headquarters on any given day and you’re likely to encounter quite a zoo: hoverboard-riding video shooters dodging begoggled editors who are testing beta VR hardware; one of our favorite TV makers coming in for a meeting; security writers debating the latest cyberwar skirmish around the corner from a conference call with the founder of the Valley’s latest unicorn company; and dogs (10 of them, by my count)…

Source: Letter From the Editor: These Will Be 2016’s Biggest Stories in the WIRED World — Medium

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