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Great Piece of Reading on a Future where myriads more Photos are being taken than ever before: “As We Become Cameras” (Matt Hacket)

Wearable cameras will be ubiquitous. We’ll barely notice.

By 2020, 80% of the world will be in possession of a physically unlimited camera attached (mostly) to an instantaneous global image distribution network. This will also be the screen that allows access the visual experience of the rest of the world.

Smartphones still require a complex series of time-consuming gestures to create and distribute an image. An exponentially increasing appetite for images, as a practical matter, requires exponentially increasing creation. Wearable cameras will take care of that.

But what happens when images are integrated as fully into our reality as time?

Source: As We Become Cameras — Medium

Still remember when everyone thought Facebook was crazy acquiring them for $1bn @30m MAU… now this: Celebrating a Community of 400 Million – (Instagram Blog)

Source: Celebrating a Community of 400 Million – Instagram Blog

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