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Pretty good overview and thoughts on: The Messaging Landscape in 2016 (Ben Eidelson)

There’s a surge of excitement around messaging as a new platform and the idea of ‘Conversational Commerce’. There are a number of great pieces and podcasts that have been published documenting and forecasting the new ways we will see messaging used in 2016. I recommend reading them all. What I would like to add to the conversation is the why, how, and who will get us there. This is my snapshot of why messaging is so interesting and a map to help understand the stack. There is a lot to cover, so this is broken up into three sections…

Source: The Messaging Landscape in 2016 — Medium

Facebook’s Secret Chat SDK Lets Developers Build Messenger Bots (TechCrunch)

M won’t be the only artificial intelligence on Facebook Messenger. Facebook has given some developers access to an unannounced Chat SDK that allows them to build interactive experiences and…

Source: Facebook’s Secret Chat SDK Lets Developers Build Messenger Bots | TechCrunch

Excellent Background Story on Facebook Messenger: Inside Mark Zuckerberg’s App for Everything (Wired UK)

If Facebook’s David Marcus can get every business on to Messenger, who will need Google or Apple?

Source: Facebook Messenger: inside Mark Zuckerberg’s app for everything (Wired UK)

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