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A very good read on Product Management Philosophies: 3 Types of Product Management (Daniel Demetri)

Which One is Right For Your Company?

“The ambiguity of the product management role is near to its essence,” writes product manager Dan Schmidt in The Product Management Triangle, “Within one company, the duties of a product manager can change drastically and quickly.”
BCG consultant Yves Morieux argues that modern corporate managers hamper productivity by overusing “measurability, accountability, and clarity” when architecting their organizations. He claims we optimize for knowing whom to blame when we fail, and consequently we miss out on opportunities to succeed with cooperation…

Source: 3 Types of Product Management — Earnest Product Management — Medium

Comprehensive in-depth Read on Product Management Best Practice: The Black Box of Product Management (Brandon Chu)

There is a rite of passage in the product management world, where all PMs have experienced being asked: “What does a product manager do, anyway?”

Read more…

Source: The Black Box of Product Management — Startups, Wanderlust, and Life Hacking — Medium

Great comparison: Lean vs Design Thinking (ART + marketing)

A Product Manager’s thoughts and findings.

Source: Lean vs Design Thinking — ART + marketing — Medium

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