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Interesting Development regarding Bay Area & Seattle: Silicon Valley North – How America’s two tech hubs are converging (The Economist)

Would your region care to be the next Silicon Valley? In most of the world’s technology hubs, local leaders scramble to say “yes”. But ask the question in and around Seattle, the other big tech cluster on America’s west coast, and more often than not the answer is “no”—followed by explanations of why the city and its surrounds are different from the San Francisco Bay Area. The truth may be more complex: in recent years the Seattle area has become a complement to the valley. Some even argue that the two regions, though 800 miles (1,300km) apart, are becoming one…


Source: Silicon Valley North: How America’s two tech hubs are converging | The Economist

Good read, and a lot of truth behind it: Regulating the internet giants – The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data (The Economist)

Source: Regulating the internet giants: The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data | The Economist

Good background analysis: Why Google beat Yahoo in the war for the Internet (Mohit Aron)

As we witness what may be the final days of Yahoo as an independent business, consider how just a decade ago it was running neck-and-neck with Google, now one of the world’s largest companies by market value.

It would be silly for anyone to claim they could have predicted how these two businesses would compare today, but we can still learn something from examining what sent their fortunes in such different directions…

Source: Why Google beat Yahoo in the war for the Internet | TechCrunch

Great Sum-Up of the current Tech Startup Funding Situation: After The Gold Rush (Jon Evans)

The startup gold rush of the last ten years is over. Sorry. Those hordes of ambitious entrepreneurs still stampeding to the Bay Area in the hopes of building their Minimum Viable Product, getting into Y Combinator, and growing their app into the Next Big Thing–they’re already too late. That era is behind us. It was a good run, even a legendary one, but it is over. Time for the new new thing.

Does that sound premature and apocalyptic? Maybe not. Over the last few months a slew of smart people have been sounding warning signals, identifying the half-dozen consonant factors bringing this epoch to an end…

Source: After The Gold Rush | TechCrunch

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