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Very good read on what the Digital Disruption of our Social Life is doing to us: Is Social Media The New Tobacco? (John Battelle)

The digital disruption of our everyday life, in particular, our social relationships and interaction among each other is not really a spotlight topic. We talk about the future of jobs, autonomous driving, the Internet of Things and since the 2016 elections we at least talk about the impact of digitalizing and democratizing our media. This article takes a closer look at social media and what it can do and does to our life, especially to that of our kids and teenagers. We need to be more conscious of this, and make sure the social media industry gets regulated where there is a need for regulation. Read for yourself:

“I’ll admit I was a slow-follower when the iPhone launched ten years ago. I was suspicious of Apple’s intent — I was not fan of its closed, vertically integrated model — and the market’s infatuation with apps felt like a fad that would ultimately fade. When I finally did get an iPhone, I felt complicit in the what amounted to internet climate change: slowly but surely, our new addictions were bound to swamp all that we had worked so hard to build on the open web. As Tristan Harris and many others have pointed out, the economic incentives driving our mobile landscape (in short: advertising) are based fundamentally on the science of addiction, and addicted we certainly are…”

Source: Is Social Media The New Tobacco? – NewCo Shift

What’s going on with Twitter and is it fair to call out the “End of Twitter”? (André Cramer)


Twitter has come under a lot of pressure recently. It seems they are being beaten by whoever feels like letting out a rant. In my opinion it is important to differentiate where the criticism is directed to.

I think there are two layers that need to differentiated:

  1. Twitter, the company, its management and executive leadership team
  2. Twitter, the product or service and the value it provides to its users

Lots of the ranting you can find all over the place seems rather undirected and I believe it is important and an imperative of fairness to look more closely towards what is wrong, what is not and what should change and what is pretty much ok. Joshua Topolski’s “The End of Twitter”, published in The New Yorker is a very good example for this. They way the company has been shuffling key people and responsibilities in their organization lets many of us justifiably raise the eyebrows. But the article in my opinion mixes those two layers of “company” and “product” and thus draws such a negative picture about the company & product that I do not share. Continue reading “What’s going on with Twitter and is it fair to call out the “End of Twitter”? (André Cramer)”

Very readworthy: Guy Kawasaki On Startups, Entrepreneurship And The State Of Social Media (TechCrunch)

One of Guy Kawasaki’s recurring pieces of advice to entrepreneurs is to create a mantra, not a mission statement. A mantra is three or four words that captures the essence of your organization…

Source: Guy Kawasaki On Startups, Entrepreneurship And The State Of Social Media | TechCrunch

Great Read on Vlogger Income Situation & Deadlock Scenarios: The sad economics of being famous on the internet (Gaby Dunn, Fusion)

The disconnect between internet fame and financial security is hard to comprehend for both creators and fans.

Source: The sad economics of being famous on the internet | Fusion

Background Read: Tsū Social Network – Cash Cow or Pyramid Scheme? (Victor Balasa)

If you’re an Internet gadabout, you’ll probably have heard about or Tsū, the social network that’s been getting a lot of hype, and hate, lately. Throughout its year-long existence, the social network exotically called Tsū has been plagued by naysayers and, just recently, had its API and

Source: Tsū Social Network – Cash Cow or Pyramid Scheme? [Op-Ed] – Hongkiat

Great Overview: The 79 most popular people on Instagram (Business Insider)

The numbers speak for themselves.

Instagram is a massively valuable social network. Some analysts think it’s worth as much as $37 billion. So who are its most popular users? To find out, we took Socialblade’s list of the 100 most followed Instagram accounts…

Source: Most popular people on Instagram

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