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Great Read on how to identify the right Ideas for founding a promising Business: Finding Billion Dollar Secrets (Mike Staples)

If you aspire to do something truly legendary, in business or any other field, you will discover that the biggest breakthroughs come from obsessively pursuing insights that defy conventional wisdom.In the startup world, this translates to having what PayPal founder and Facebook investor Peter Thiel calls a “secret” or what Benchmark co-founder Andy Rachleff would describe as an idea that is “non-consensus and right.” Before diving into why this is true, let’s summarize these two views…

Source: Finding Billion Dollar Secrets

7 Blockchain Startups To Watch Out For (James Ovenden)

With blockchain still in its infancy, the race for domination is still a long way from being resolved. Evidence is there, however, that it is kicking off in a big way. Venture Capital firms pumped a record amount of investment into Bitcoin and blockchain-related startups last year at nearly $1 billion, and we have seen signs that major IT corporations, particularly IBM, and Microsoft, are making a long-term commitment to the support of blockchain development.

Microsoft, for one, has recently teamed up with Bank of America Merrill Lynch to try and make trade finance transactions faster, cheaper, safer, and more transparent using a blockchain-based framework. They also recently launched Project Bletchley, the Ethereum-based consortium blockchain technology they announced in June…

Source: 7 Blockchain Startups To Watch Out For | Articles | Big Data | Innovation Enterprise

Great Deep-Dive: Understanding Customer Acquisition Costs (Rob Moffat)

An area I have wrestled with as a VC over the last five years is how to really understand the unit economics of businesses. The basic concept of LTV>CPA (lifetime value greater than cost to acquire) is pretty simple. The complexity comes when you try to work out what will happen to these economics as the business scales.

I’m not going to get into lifetime value calculations here, as it is well covered elsewhere e.g. by Bill Gurley here. Where I’d like to focus is on CPA.

Often as a VC you are presented with a headline CPA figure and nothing more. This can look good on the surface but mask underlying issues. For example…

Source: Understanding Customer Acquisition Costs  — Growth Hacking, Marketing and Venture Capital — Medium

Great in-depth Read on Startup Financials: What Most People Don’t Understand About How Startup Companies are Valued (Mark Suster)

There is much discussion online and also in small, private groups, about why the price of technology companies – public and private – are falling. Valuing any company can be difficult because it requires a degree of forecasting future growth & competition and ultimately the profits of the organization.

And two big changes have happened that are widely known – in the past quarter the value of some very high profile companies such as LinkedIn and Twitter have fallen substantially plus Fidelity (usually a public market investor) has written down the value of many of it’s later-stage private-company investments and made the downward valuations known…

Source: What Most People Don’t Understand About How Startup Companies are Valued | Bothsides of the Table

Great Sum-Up of the current Tech Startup Funding Situation: After The Gold Rush (Jon Evans)

The startup gold rush of the last ten years is over. Sorry. Those hordes of ambitious entrepreneurs still stampeding to the Bay Area in the hopes of building their Minimum Viable Product, getting into Y Combinator, and growing their app into the Next Big Thing–they’re already too late. That era is behind us. It was a good run, even a legendary one, but it is over. Time for the new new thing.

Does that sound premature and apocalyptic? Maybe not. Over the last few months a slew of smart people have been sounding warning signals, identifying the half-dozen consonant factors bringing this epoch to an end…

Source: After The Gold Rush | TechCrunch

Very readworthy: Guy Kawasaki On Startups, Entrepreneurship And The State Of Social Media (TechCrunch)

One of Guy Kawasaki’s recurring pieces of advice to entrepreneurs is to create a mantra, not a mission statement. A mantra is three or four words that captures the essence of your organization…

Source: Guy Kawasaki On Startups, Entrepreneurship And The State Of Social Media | TechCrunch

Very valuable read: 16 Business Metrics particularly important in the startup world (Andreessen Horowitz)

Source: 16 Startup Metrics | Andreessen Horowitz

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