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Very useful: 15 Mind-Blowing Statistics Reveal What Happens on the Internet in a Minute (Larry Kim)

Consider this: Every minute of every day, staggering amounts of data are being generated as consumers connect to, search for, watch, create, download, and shop for content.
Making sense of what all this data means is critical for the success of your company or brand.
So what are the 3.2 billion people who make up today’s global internet population doing online?…

Source: 15 Mind-Blowing Statistics Reveal What Happens on the Internet in a Minute — All Things Marketing and Entrepreneurship — Medium

Remarkable, but not really surprising: 85% of Facebook video is watched without sound (Sahil Patel)

Facebook might be hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day on its platform, but a wide majority of that viewership is happening in silence.

As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers…

Source: 85 percent of Facebook video is watched without sound – Digiday

That’s impressive: WeChat blasts past 700 million monthly active users (TechInAsia)

Well, we knew it was coming, but according to a new report from Chinese data tracker Quest Mobile, it’s now official: Tencent’s WeChat broke the 700 million monthly active user (MAU) barrier in March.

WeChat has been China’s social app of choice for years now, of course, but Quest Mobile’s report – which is based on data from both Android and iOS devices in March – shows just how far Tencent is ahead of the competition when it comes to user base…

Source: WeChat blasts past 700 million monthly active users

Great Google Cardboard Stats: (Un)folding a virtual journey with Google Cardboard – 5 Millon Units shipped

A year and a half ago we introduced Google Cardboard, a simple cardboard viewer that anyone can use to experience mobile virtual reality (VR). With just Cardboard and the smartphone in your pocket, you can travel to faraway places and visit imagined worlds. Since then everyone from droid lovers and Sunday edition subscribers, to big kids and grandmas have been able to enjoy VR—often for the very first time. Here’s a look at where we are, 19 months in:

1. 5 million Cardboard fans have joined the fold.

Source: Official Google Blog: (Un)folding a virtual journey with Google Cardboard

Great Overview & Great Stats: Digital/Web Design Trends 2016 Infographic (Coastal Creative)

What are the 2016 Design Trends? Well a lot of them are mainstays from 2014 and 2015, but we’ll see a new crop of trends pop up next year.

Source: Design Trends 2016 Infographic – Coastal Creative

Great Read on the new Messaging Ecosystem Giant: Facebook Messenger Hits 800M Users. Here’s its 2016 Strategy & Predictions (TechCrunch)

Kill SMS, spawn a chat bot platform, bring friends together offline, improve artificial intelligence, and delight people. That’s Facebook Messenger’s roadmap for 2016 now that it has 800…

Source: Facebook Messenger Hits 800M Users: 2016 Strategy And Predictions | TechCrunch

Facebook Instant Articles: Are They Working for Brands? (Simply Measured)

In May, Facebook launched Instant Articles; stories from different publishers hosted directly on Facebook. These articles do not require readers to click to an external site, instead encouraging interactivity within Facebook’s own ecosystem. But are they working? We checked in with one user,, to hear about their early results. Facebook reports that Instant Articles load as much as 10 times faster than the standard mobile web, and publishing giants like The New York Times, National Geographic, and BuzzFeed have all signed on. Facebook recently even rolled out Instant Articles in its huge Asia-Pacific market, signaling the success that this feature has seen. Over the last few months, Facebook has also heard concerns from publishers about the limits on the number of ads they can show per article and the types of ads they can show. This kind of control has generated grumbles from some publishers, but there are two sides to the coin: because only one ad unit is allowed per

Source: Facebook Instant Articles: Are They Working for Brands? | Simply Measured

Facebook DAUs by quarter: more than 1bn people visit Facebook every day (Business Insider)

Facebook’s daily average user growth has been astounding.

Source: Facebook DAUs by quarter – Business Insider Deutschland

Facebook with more mobile-only users than non-mobile (Business Insider)

The number of mobile-only Facebook users passed the number of mobile-plus-desktop users for the first time last quarter.

Source: Facebook mobile-only users most common

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