Twitter has come under a lot of pressure recently. It seems they are being beaten by whoever feels like letting out a rant. In my opinion it is important to differentiate where the criticism is directed to.

I think there are two layers that need to differentiated:

  1. Twitter, the company, its management and executive leadership team
  2. Twitter, the product or service and the value it provides to its users

Lots of the ranting you can find all over the place seems rather undirected and I believe it is important and an imperative of fairness to look more closely towards what is wrong, what is not and what should change and what is pretty much ok. Joshua Topolski’s “The End of Twitter”, published in The New Yorker is a very good example for this. They way the company has been shuffling key people and responsibilities in their organization lets many of us justifiably raise the eyebrows. But the article in my opinion mixes those two layers of “company” and “product” and thus draws such a negative picture about the company & product that I do not share. Continue reading “What’s going on with Twitter and is it fair to call out the “End of Twitter”? (André Cramer)”