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Really great Insights: The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience (Stanford

As VR storytellers, we are charged with molding experience itself into story, and none of our storytelling tools have prepared us fully for that. As we stumble our way into this new, mysterious medium, we ask ourselves, “How do we tell a story for the audience when the audience is present within it?”

Being bodily present in the story seeds the need to be active, to “do.” But how does the audience know what to do? And how do we take their needs and perspective into consideration? To even scratch the surface of these questions, we need to better understand the audience’s experience in VR — not just their experience of the technology, but the way that they understand story and their role within it…

Source: The Storyteller’s Guide to the Virtual Reality Audience — Stanford — Medium

Great Read: The State of UX in 2016 (Fabricio Teixeira)

Here’s our take on looking at the past, understanding the present, and anticipating what the future holds for UX in 2016.

Source: The State of UX in 2016 — User Experience Design (UX) — Medium

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