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Excellent Resources to pimp your Visualization Skills (Evan Sinar)

In our research with thousands of leaders, one skill stands out — by far — as the most common improvement area: their ability to sell a vision to employees. Over 50 percent of leaders we’ve assessed struggle to demonstrate this form of visionary leadership, a larger deficiency percentage than for any other leadership skill. Leaders are consistently unable to vividly paint a compelling picture of the future in a way that inspires others to follow them along a challenging route toward a new business reality. This is an improvement area for most leaders because it requires them to synthesize and clarify ambiguous, complex business concepts into a clear path forward…

Source: To Become a More Visionary Leader, Become Stronger at Visualization — Medium

Helpful Data Science Tools: 7 Data Visualization Types You Should be Using More… and How to Start (Medium)

Unique data visualizations are more memorable, and add variety for the audience — even the most clear and straightforward visualization types lose their appeal when repeated over and over again. As visual literacy increases in the general population, data visualization designers will need to continually extend their knowledge of and proficiency across a widening range of visualization approaches to grow their skills alongside audience familiarity and expectations. Even more importantly, broad visualization know-how is essential for matching the data visualization type to the data available, the story to be told, and the question being answered…

Source: 7 Data Visualization Types You Should be Using More (and How to Start) — Medium

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